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5 Top Tips For Planning A Winter Wedding

Summer and Spring have traditionally been considered as 'wedding season' but Winter weddings should not be out of the question. Essentially a lot of the planning elements will remain the same but there are a few extra things that you'll need to take into account. To keep you in the know we've outlined these below!

1. Winter weather

As it's considerably colder in Winter compared to Spring or Summer, you will obviously have to take this into account when you are choosing what to wear. Colder weather can also dry out your skin and lips quite fast, affecting how your make up and tan will apply, so be sure to keep well moisturised in the run up to the big day to avoid any application issues.

2. Venue choice

When it's bitterly cold outside, the last thing your guests will want to do is travel a far distance between the wedding and reception venue, so try and keep these in the same place if you can. If you can't, endeavour to keep the venues as close together as possible to reduce the travel time in the cold.

3. Room decor

When having a winter wedding you have a perfect excuse to use some of the decorative motifs of the season, like holly or glitter for example. If you are getting married around Christmas then you have the option of either adding lots of extra glitz or keeping it classy and understated, whatever you prefer.

4. Longer evenings

With it getting darker earlier in the Winter you'll need to factor this into your photo plans. You may choose to have your photos taken earlier or you can advantage of the sunset, and create the kind of pictures that you normally wouldn't get the chance to take at a Spring or Summer wedding.

5. Dinner menu

Most caterers will provide a seasonal dinner menu with produce that's in season. As there is plenty of this produce available it will be a cheaper option to go for. As it's also fresh, it will bring the best flavour - so a delicious meal is assured!

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